Monthly Archives: February 2013

HP Printers having issues via a shared printer connection.

I was setting up some printers for a Windows based computer lab recently, and everything was working as planned. That is until one of the printers ran out of paper. Of course the lab machine wouldn’t print until I added paper, which makes sense. However, after adding paper, the printer still reported is was out of paper. If you have a newer HP printer, it may be using a WSD port as the default connection to the printer. Newer HP printers use this protocol be default for network connectivity. I have had many issues connecting using this protocol. To fix this issue you have to go to the Print Management Console on the server and add in a custom port and make sure to use  TCP/IP. Insert the IP address of the printer and apply and it fixes the issue. On another note, if possible, for Windows machines, I always try to use the PCL 5 driver instead of the custom driver supplied from HP. It just seems to work better with the Universal PCL Driver. 



Different Kernel Versions on Nexus Devices…

I was comparing my Galaxy Nexus phone against my friends newly purchased Nexus 4 and noticed that although the Android builds are the same, the Kernel versions are different. My Nexus has Kernel 3.0.31 while the Nexus 4 has kernel 3.4.0. I’m curious as to why the Galaxy has such an older kernel on it. I realize that the 3.0 series is still being maintained, so not to worry about updates to it. I’m guessing it has something to do with hardware support and Google not wanting to back port drivers to an older kernel. I do know on the Linux desktop side of things, the newer kernels have some performance improvements.