Samsung exec. blames Microsoft for PC sales decline

This guy is pretty good. Jun Dong-soo, blames Windows 8 for lackluster PC sales, and even says that Windows 8 in no better than the Vista platform. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt! I wouldn’t go as far as he says, but hey, something about tablets may have something to do with that sales decline too. Another point to consider is kind of funny too. The last two versions of Windows are actually getting better in terms of resource usage compared to Vista. So in theory, if you had a decent dual core system from even 3-4 years ago, they run pretty well. Why upgrade to the latest and greatest if there is no benefit to do so? To put it another way, what will upgrading your system from Windows 7 to 8 bring you as a regular user? For most people, the answer is nothing. So why bother when for the most part, it will only bring you problems? This is way different from the Mac and even Linux scene. These types are usually happy to upgrade to a shiny new OS. Apple goes out of there way to show users all of the new features that an OS update will bring, unlike Microsoft.  I also notice this with a lot of the Ubuntu users too. Heck, they were hoping for a rolling update release, to stay on the bleeding edge of things. 

Source: Endgadget

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