Intel Profits down 25%. Mark Hachman says “What me worry?”

As Intel reported quarterly profits down 25% year over year, [Mark Hachman at ReadWriteWeb]( doesn’t think it’s a big deal because of Moore’s law. He believes that Intel’s die shrink to 22nm will help them bring the x86 architecture to compete with the ARM dominance in the mobile field. And of course, Intel has always been able to increase performance with each CPU generation. I don’t share his optimism.

One of the key benefits of having an ARM license is the ability to design a chip to your own specifications for a particular device. Combining that with someone like Apple who controls the entire software stack, and you can see how beneficial this capability is. With Intel, you are beholden to their timeline on processors, and you have to hope that they will design it with features that you need. Not everyone who licenses ARM technology has this type of license, but Apple and Samsung do, and guess who are on top of the mobile game?

EDIT-added link to ReadWriteWeb.

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