Monthly Archives: May 2013

Adobe going all in with Creative Cloud

Apparently Adobe is going to phase out boxed copies of Creative Suite and make newer versions available only via their subscription service, Creative Cloud. Their won’t be a CS7, instead it will be replaced by adding “CC” to the name of the app. Photoshop CS6 becomes Photoshop CC for example. Then they will continuously update these versions to all who subscribe to the Creative Cloud service. Pricing looks to be pretty steep for those who don’t have the upgrade price. $69.99/month for new purchases, $39.99/month upgrade from CS3 or greater. Students get a price break at $19.99/month. * * * ##My Take: I’m going to guess if you are a professional using a bunch of the Adobe Suite’s tools on a regular basis, then the $69.99/month probably isn’t a big deal. But for casual users of their products, I’m going to guess it will be a deal breaker. Either, they will stick with old versions, or once again, pirates will break the online activation, and Adobe will lose some sales. I can totally understand why Adobe would want to go with a subscription model, it allows for a steady revenue stream. This is what Microsoft is trying to do with Office 365. If this works for them, expect everyone else to follow.

*** Via [TheNextWeb](