Looking at the article from Jean Louis Gasseé regarding the Apple is going to move to ARM for laptops scenario, I think we can be certain that Apple has to be preparing for this as a contingency. As Matt Ritchman noted in 2011, Intel currently charges a premium price for the CPU’s that power todays Macs. We can also probably figure that the delays in releasing new Macbook Pro’s is due to the issues Intel is having with its die shrinking process from 22nm to 14nm. This causes problems for Apple, problems which are out of their control, and we know that Apple likes to be in control of its destiny with its core products. Having to depend on another vendor for CPU’s is not something Apple enjoys. We have seen the lengths Apple will go to in order to escape from dependence on Samsung for parts, and I’d imagine the scenario with Intel is no different. I have no doubt that Apple internally has a version of Mac OS that runs on the ARM architecture. Intel as we know, are probably a couple of generations ahead with its chip fabrication technology compared to its rivals. Intel probably also has spare capacity now since PC sales have been declining the past few years. If only Apple could convince Intel to fabricate a newer line of the A series processors for it, it would benefit both parties. Apple would get the chips it needs, at lower die sizes than it can currently get, allowing for a better power savings. Intel would get some serious revenue, as Apple could certainly deliver some gigantic orders. Would ARM processors work in a Macbook? Certainly. Would they be any better than an Intel chip? I don’t know, but Apple does have the talent that could design the chips for that very purpose. I’d imagine if Apple does not have to work in the thermal restrictions of a tablet or phone, they could probably make an A(x) chip that would run OSX well. 


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