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Well, Duh- Of Course the tech sector is using H1B Visas to lower American wages.

As reported by the Huff Po, Silcon Valley is using H-1B visas to pay lower wages to immigrants.  This should come as no surprise to any one in the tech or science industry. The article is well researched and even answers some of the common replies that pro H-1B proponents would use to counter any anti H1-B visa info. These companies know they are going to be paying more for tech talent soon, and they are not happy. Which also happnens to explain the 97 tech companies that are suing the Federal Government over the immigration ban. These are not related at all…

Comcast Employee’s Walk out in Protest of Trump’s temporary immigration ban

As reported here, employee’s from Comcast, (usually seen as one of the most hated companies in the US) walked out in protest of the temporary immigration ban implemented by the Trump administration. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that President Trump has stated that he opposes the merger of Comcast with AT&T.  Liberal bloggers are having a hard time with this, as they hate Comcast, but anything Trump does, by default has to be evil. Just like with Trump’s withdrawing the US from the TPP treaty negotiations, it seems that the left will try to change the narrative after the fact. 

New Filesystem For next Mac OS!

As noted here it looks like Apple is finally going to be replacing the HFS filesystem with something more modern. It will have Copy on Write, Snapshots and Space Sharing (like ZFS). Also noted is that AFP protocol is being deprecated and you won’t be able to share files on APFS formatted volumes. I guess that’s not surprising considering the fact that SMB has been the default protocol for a while now. 



Regarding iTunes…

Since everyone seems to be down on iTunes at the moment. I’ve since noticed that they removed the ability to see how fast a disk is ripping. One of the first things I do whenever I would get a faster DVD drive or newer Mac would be to rip an audio CD and marvel at how much faster it was compared to the earlier device. Sigh

Posting from Textmate 2.

Textmate 2

The blogging bundle still works in Textmate 2 and Yosemite, so I’m happy about that. For those of you that are wondering how to get it going with a WordPress blog, here is how you go about setting it up:

  1. Go to Bundles->Blogging->Setup Blogs

  2. Edit the file that appears. The format for a WordPress blog is:
  3. If you do it this way, it will prompt you for your username and password. You can also put your username as part of the config file like this:

    It will then only prompt you for the password.