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HTC One Developer Edition

HTC announced that they are rolling out an unlocked version of their well regarded HTC one phone. It’s not locked to any carrier and its boot loader is unlocked. But going by the frequencies that they are supporting on it, here in the US you can basically only use it on the ATT network. You may get some 3G connectivity with the T-Mobile network, but it’s pretty spotty at the moment. No deal for Verizon, or Sprint. It costs $649. Kind of makes you wonder either how much Google is subsidizing the Nexus 4, or how much profit there is on $650 phones.

Anyways, more info here:

Andy Ihnatko switches to Android

Gruber has an article about Andy Ihnatko switching to a Samsung Galaxy SIII from an iPhone 4s. He is surprised about him picking the Samsung over the current Nexus device. I’m going to guess it had to do with wanting the speed of LTE vs. HSPA+. It’s a hard choice, I have the previous Nexus, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Frankly, the hardware sucks. I’m not knocking Android, I think it’s great, but really from what I’ve seen with my Samsung Phone, and some friends who have other Samsung devices, they are definitely not in the Apple level of devices. (I also have the original Nexus phone too.)

Different Kernel Versions on Nexus Devices…

I was comparing my Galaxy Nexus phone against my friends newly purchased Nexus 4 and noticed that although the Android builds are the same, the Kernel versions are different. My Nexus has Kernel 3.0.31 while the Nexus 4 has kernel 3.4.0. I’m curious as to why the Galaxy has such an older kernel on it. I realize that the 3.0 series is still being maintained, so not to worry about updates to it. I’m guessing it has something to do with hardware support and Google not wanting to back port drivers to an older kernel. I do know on the Linux desktop side of things, the newer kernels have some performance improvements.