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GeForce 780GTX now available.

The bestest of the new 700 series GeForce cards in now available. For only $650-$750 dollars you can get the latest and greatest cards from Nvidia. 3GB of DDR5 RAM on a 384 Bit bus should make games look pretty. I guess that means we should be seeing some price drops on the 680 series cards. It also means we’ll be seeing the 700 series versions of the 670, 660, 650, etc. in the future.

New X Box One-Online all the time or not?

According to the Verge, there is still some speculation about whether or not the new X Box will be required to have an always on Internet connection.  When asked if the console will need to be online for gameplay, Microsoft said:  "No, it does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet"  Does that pertain to games, or using the other services that the X box offers?  What about second hand games? According to Microsoft, that will be allowed. but another fee would have to be paid to enable the game on the second account. Where does this fee go? Microsoft really needs to not screw this up, because as Gruber points out, “Xbox is Microsoft’s foothold in the post-PC world”.

League Of Legends beta now open to all Mac Users.

Mac users too can now get into the fun and great time sponge that League of Legends is. Once I have the installer downloaded, I’ll check and see if its like the PC version The PC version had a bit-torrent style installation that download files after the initial client install. *Edit* Yes, the installer looks to be the same as the Windows installer


Lol installer