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New Filesystem For next Mac OS!

As noted here it looks like Apple is finally going to be replacing the HFS filesystem with something more modern. It will have Copy on Write, Snapshots and Space Sharing (like ZFS). Also noted is that AFP protocol is being deprecated and you won’t be able to share files on APFS formatted volumes. I guess that’s not surprising considering the fact that SMB has been the default protocol for a while now. 



Just noticed this with Mavericks…

After finally installing Mavericks on my older MacPro that I keep around, I was surprised when configuring zsh. I was installing OhMyZsh when the installer balked because I didn’t have the command line Git tools installed. Then a dialog box popped up and asked if I’d like to install the command line tools for me. Pretty neat. I’m not sure if it happens with previous versions of the Mac OS, but I don’t remember it happening.