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Google blink

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The hits keep coming today. Google has announced (via their Chromium Project) that they are making a new rendering engine based off of Webkit. Not sure why they want to do it, but maybe they are feeling left out of the game compared to Mozilla.

As long as I get a fast browser, (mobile and desktop wise), I won’t complain.

Mozilla and Samsung working on new browser engine.

It looks like the Mozilla foundation and Samsung are going to be working on a new browser engine to “take advantage of tomorrow’s faster, multi-core, heterogeneous computing architectures” To this end, they will be using the Rust Programming language to do so rather than C++. By using Rust they believe that they can fix a lot of the security issues that are inherent when using C++. The new rendering engine will be called “Servo”.
My take is that another good rendering engine is a good thing. More choice is always better, so long that Servo follows HTML & CSS specifications. I really doubt web designers want to worry about having to design for another rendering engine.

The New Blackberries!

This is almost too good to be true. (I hope it is!) According to this site, the Z10 will by default, notify people in your contacts list what video you are watching, due to it’s integration with the BlackBerry Messenger app. Which may be fine for some videos, but if you are pr0n video watching… If anyone has a new BlackBerry, I’d like to confirm it.