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HP Printers having issues via a shared printer connection.

I was setting up some printers for a Windows based computer lab recently, and everything was working as planned. That is until one of the printers ran out of paper. Of course the lab machine wouldn’t print until I added paper, which makes sense. However, after adding paper, the printer still reported is was out of paper. If you have a newer HP printer, it may be using a WSD port as the default connection to the printer. Newer HP printers use this protocol be default for network connectivity. I have had many issues connecting using this protocol. To fix this issue you have to go to the Print Management Console on the server and add in a custom port and make sure to use  TCP/IP. Insert the IP address of the printer and apply and it fixes the issue. On another note, if possible, for Windows machines, I always try to use the PCL 5 driver instead of the custom driver supplied from HP. It just seems to work better with the Universal PCL Driver.