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T-Mobile to carry the iPhone! Finally

“Anybody here from New York? Any of you use AT&T? Any of you that use them, you happy? Of course not, the network’s crap.” Pretty bold words from a CEO of a major company? For a while ATT and T-Mobile have been trading jabs about network quality. I have been testing the T-Mobile network on my Galaxy Nexus for the past few months in the Long Beach area of California, and, so far, it has worked better than the ATT HSPAA+ network. I also have not had a dropped call, which happens pretty frequently with my ATT service. It looks like the iPhone 5 that will be released in April on the T-Mobile network will support the specific LTE and HSPA+ frequencies for the T-Mobile network. For Android folks, it looks like they will also be selling the highly regarded HTC One also. Both can be had for $99 down and then $20/month. I’m not sure if they phones come unlocked, but that would be nice if they were.